Game Modding

Game Modding


– Minor edits and fixes
– Improved physics

*Before you push the car to its limits, be sure to understand its physics. It’s not very good at all at corners and is prone to rollover. You can open the developer console by pressing ` and input “g_suspension_stiffness 1” for a better driving experience*

*Free to edit for personal use*


Nimit, Mert İrşi, Slav Jerry, Elaman

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1 comment

Parkinson September 20, 2022 - 6:30 am

Is there any chance to see an updated Toyota Supra? I’ve found only one bug with starting engine sound, it has sound corruption as soon as the starting engine sound is ending. Except this it’s the best car mod ever existing in ETS 2. I also hope that you’ll demonstrate your own thoughts about how to update this great mod. I’d like to see synchronized time in the interior, because it always shows 17:24 or something like that. You could also add two various with a driver and without it. Thanks for your hard-working business!

P.S. And the second best ETS 2 car ever is Nissan GTR R35. But unfortunately it has a red light texture bug on the traffic in the night. I wish it’ll be fixed as well. 🙂


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