Game Modding

Game Modding

– Updated to game version 1.45

-Fixed a glass glare issue
-Coatings are made of higher quality
-Improvements have been made to the coatings
-Dial quality has been improved
-Fixed bugs

-5 Different subfloor coverings
-5 Different seat covers
-5 Different cockpit coverings
-5 Different ceiling coverings
-5 Different steering wheel coverings
-2 Different shutter flashes
-2 Different glass flash lights
-2 Different Logo
-5 Different cabin lighting
-11 Different people
-2 Different bonnet
-6 Different neon lighting
-1 The roller shutter logo
-2 Different number plate
-2 Different smell animations
-Animated flag animation
-8 Different Wheels

–HQ Model
-HQ İnterior
–Real Sound
–Siren sound(N)
-Movable coffee table with right window

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